With summer right around the corner, it’s time to be on the constant lookout for the perfect tracks to accompany you on those nice, long summer sunset rides.

Indie/alternative band Jaws have got just the thing you’re looking for. The band formed in Birmingham, England in 2012, and since then they’ve released an album (“Be Slowly” – 2014), two EPs, and several singles. Ever since they first formed, and especially after the release of this album, the band have been growing in popularity, not only in England, but internationally.

FUN FACT: The band name is based off of ‘Jaws’ from the James Bond film.

Their music gives you that beach/surf vibe that every person craves in the upcoming summer heated months. Below are two of their tracks: “Be Slowly”, arguably one of their best works off their album, and “What We Haven’t Got Yet”, their most recent track. Both of these tracks will unavoidably envelop you in the atmosphere of surf culture.

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