LAYNE are an exciting up and coming band, who are sure to make huge waves with their fresh sounding music. I’m already hooked, and I will convince you to be as well.

The band are from the glamorous City of Los Angeles. While their sound doesn’t stereotypically fit the City of Angels’ overwhelming pop culture, they have made a tremendous leap in getting the notice they deserve. Having only released a couple of songs so far on their Spotify ‘Somebody’ and ‘Good’ the band have enticed me into religiously jamming out to them both in my room.

Their newest single ‘Good’ has reached over half a million listens on their Spotify account, which is no mean feat. I must admit, I have listened to this song way over 100 times in the past couple days of discovering this tune. Their debut single ‘Somebody’ is another ear-pleasing song. With the songs having a very indie, dark and deep tone to them, they should slot nicely into your playlists.

I hope this article has convinced you to go and listen to this tremendous band. Unfortunately LAYNE haven’t got a Soundcloud – but they are very active on their Twitter and Facebook pages.

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