NEW MUSIC : ‘Strangers’ by Givers & Takers

Givers & Takers have certainly got talent when it comes to releasing fresh songs with a bit of an edge.

The brand new music video for their song ‘Strangers’ was uploaded to YouTube last week, and with an acoustic-feeling beginning to the piece, we expect a lighter song altogether from this four-piece band. However, with the introduction of a heavier guitar in the first chorus we see a completely different side to the song.

The clean vocals and catchy riffs really contrast with the heavier nature of the song towards the end of the piece too, which is why I seemed to like it so much. The song doesn’t keep to a specific structure which is also what gives it an edge.

As well as the great vocals and the catchy tune, we are also drawn to the music within the song, a good chords which works very well together in order to create the minor twist before the beefy stuff!

Givers & Takers are definitely a band to listen out for if you prefer alternative music, and especially if you love music similar to the likes of Sundara Karma, Amber Run and Real Estate.

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