INTRODUCING : The Japanese House

The Japanese House produce soothing, cryptic, and a unique sound in all of their tracks released last year and so far this year too. Perfect for late night chilling and cruising the web (basically what I am doing right this moment.)

Amber Bain aka The Japanese House is a 20-year-old from London, England. Impressively she sings, and produces all her own tracks. Someone with the talent to do that and much more will surely go far in the music industry. Currently on tour supporting  The 1975  on their US tour, Amber also accompanied them on their highly successful UK tour in March. If you are from Britain, and you’re wondering where you can see her playing live in the UK next? well search no further. You can buy tickets to see The Japanese House at the Dot To Dot festival in Manchester, like yours truly.

My personal favourites from the expansive répertoire, and the tracks I always try to skip to on my playlists are  titled ‘Teeth’ and ‘Sister’. They’re calming tracks, that are brilliant for strolls in the park during springtime. The debut EP called ‘Pools to Bathe in’ was released in early 2015 and was well received by critics alike. Which sky-rocketed Amber’s career. The Japanese House’s latest EP ‘Clean’ welcomed production help from The 1975’s own Matt Healy and George Daniel, to create this work of art.

I propose you give The Japanese House a listen, and hopefully you will feel the same as I do. Keep up to date with Amber’s activity on her Spotify, Soundcloud, and Twitter.

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