NEW MUSIC : ‘Big Ideas’ by The Boxer Rebellion

Alternative quartet The Boxer Rebellion were formed in 2001; and fifteen years later, the band are releasing a brand new album titled ‘Oceans by Oceans’, which is where their upbeat anthem ‘Big Ideas’ can be found in the musical world of iTunes and Spotify.

When I first heard ‘Big Ideas’, I was hooked in straight away by the intriguing intro, the relatively slow build-up, you felt as if it was really going to burst into a bunch of epic guitar riffs or just something incredible and original, but it just doesn’t live up to its expectation and doesn’t really excite. Although a good song nevertheless.

You’d have to say that this track probably mirrors the band themselves – despite The Boxer Rebellion having over one hundred thousand Facebook ‘likes’ on their page, and fifteen years in the music industry, the London-based band are still fairly unheard of. Of course they still have dreams to make it huge – maybe, just maybe, their new album (released this Friday on the 29th of April) could be the start of something big.

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