‘Last Night’ by The Sherlocks

The young band from Sheffield follow in the great tradition of guitar groups from the past, but have their own individual sound. They have supported The Libertines so far earlier this year and it is without question that the two-pair of brothers (Kiaran Crook, Josh Davidson, Andy Davidson and Brandon Crook) have worked hard to build up a huge fan base – they have already played over 500 gigs and counting in their quest for music supremacy. 

Their new single ‘Last Night’ is yet another brilliant slice of British indie-rock. It’s slick, catchy and the little guitar melody throughout will undoubtedly get stuck in your head. Check out the music video below:

There’s a bit of an Alex Turner-like shamble in the guitar lines, but the melodies draw you back to the 1970s and gives you a feeling of acts like The Jam.

They are definitely one of the best up and coming indie-rock bands I’ve seen play live in a long time. It’s been announced that The Sherlocks will perform at this year’s Reading & Leeds Festival before embarking on their very own headline tour throughout September. If you are lucky enough to go and see them live, they will not disappoint!

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