‘I Need You’ by Leitbur

Leitbur, an indie-electronic two-piece from Los Angeles, USA have released an absolute peach in their most recent single ‘I Need You’. Electronic music is not usually a genre that I will go for and listen to that often, but there is really just something about Leitbur and in particular this song which has a real old school 80’s summer feeling of it which I absolutely loved.

When you listen to the lyrics carefully, you can tell this song has a real meaning behind it. This song is quite simply just incredibly infectious, and will certainly be in my own personal summer playlists for those long summer days outside with the speakers on whilst singing along to the catchy chorus!

Leitbur will be releasing their debut album on the 6th May titled ‘Antique Travellers’ with ‘I Need You’ featuring on the track list.

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