I discovered the “hazy, cosmic jive” (described by themselves) of Vultures only yesterday, and already consider myself a fan. Until recently, Vultures (consisting of Luke Thompson, Nathan Keeble, Dillon Willis and Conor O’Reilly) were relatively unheard of but all that is certain to change.

The Sheffield-based band have already been getting people talking after they released their debut single Medusa’ on Monday. The song for me is a guaranteed hit, as it has classic psychedelic undertones accompanied by deep, soft vocals. The lengthy guitar solo which nears the end of the song really keeps you interested and all in all gives it the right to be called a rock track. Take a listen to ‘Medusa’ below:

I would advertise Vultures to any music lover – but if you’re not into soulful classic rock they might not be the one for you. Regardless, Vultures are worth a listen and I, along with many others can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next.

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