‘Feel It’ by High Tyde

This is one of indie-rock band High Tyde’s older songs and it’s my personal favourite of their handful of released singles on their Soundcloud page.

This incredibly catchy song ‘Feel It’ has an incredible drum beat throughout that will certainly get you taping away whilst listening. I felt this song had a very unique, individual sound which is why it stood out to me so much as it was an incredibly good piece of music. This song has seriously set a real high standard for the quartet from Brighton; and they will certainly be looking to continue the brilliant reception from fans on their music.

Certainly keep an eye out for High Tyde in the near future as they are currently on tour and hopefully we will see some more new music from them very soon!

Be sure to check out ‘Feel It’ below as well as following them on Twitter and giving them a ‘like’ on Facebook!

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