LIVE REVIEW : Catfish and the Bottlemen (Cliff’s Pavilion)

When Van McCann takes a stage, he takes the whole crowd too, and last Friday in Southend was no exception. As part of a six-night tour from Glasgow to Brighton, Catfish stopped by Southend-On-Sea to play Cliff’s Pavilion.

The tour came at the time where last month album details were released and ‘Soundcheck’ (their first single from their new album ‘The Ride’) had been circulating all over Twitter. There was clear anticipation for them to play more tracks from the album (set to be released on 27th May) as well as the well-loved oldies.

Supported by Black Honey, an up and coming band (previously reviewed by Turtle Tempo)  whose performances are equally as lively and just as humble. Catfish took the theatre straight into their hands, and delivered the atmosphere they are so well-known for. They came to the stage, demanded everyone in the crowd to get up for them even if they were sat. Beginning the set with album opener ‘Homesick’, the set compromised of four new songs as well as the usual tracks. The wait for ‘Soundcheck’ to be played live after its release seemed tedious, but its first live hearing didn’t disappoint, the crowd knowing its every word as if it had been out for years.

Other news songs, ‘Red’, ‘Anything’ and ‘Seven’ teased us for a taste of their new album.‘Seven’ has been played live since last year, I personally saw it debut at Cambridge and its already well-loved, despite no studio version having been released as of yet. The new songs bring in the sense of the old and also show exploration of more sounds, and have only increased anticipation of the new album. It cannot go unmentioned that songs like ‘Cocoon’ and ‘Pacifier’ also hit incredibly hard. From within the pit there was this incredible energy with lyrics screamed at you by strangers that bounce of the walls and Van in front of you pushing you all that bit harder. The set finished as it so often does with ‘Tyrants’, the bands thanks the crowd, and a declaration that all the rules the security team have been enforcing all night are now out of the window.

Time and time again Catfish do not fail to give you an evening full of energy, and should you ever get the opportunity to see them, do. They are growing incredibly fast, and this is early days.



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