TRACK OF THE WEEK : ‘Take It Easy’ by Kaldera

Alternative-rock four-piece from Reading, England, ‘Kaldera’ have finally after much await have released their debut single on Soundcloud to the hungry awaiting fans that have been following the band very closely and their social media teasers.

After a name change (previously known as ‘Captain and the Gypsy Kid’) they have changed their image and have returned to the music scene in very good fashion.

‘Take It Easy’ is the name of the debut song from Kaldera and it gives a very good alternative-rock sound throughout with very strong vocals that really compliment the song very well. This song has a very catchy chorus that fans will be singing very soon as this band grow and perform more live gigs around the UK.

Be sure to check out ‘Take It Easy’ below!

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    My track of the week article on a brilliant single from Kaldera! Looking forward to big things from this band.

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