INTRODUCING : Model Aeroplanes

Model Aeroplanes are a Scottish four-piece; and with their contagious, unique, and upbeat rhythms, they will surely have you immediately adding them to each and every feel good playlist you can scramble to find.

The talented British boy band, were formed in 2012, consisting of front-man Rory,  guitarist Grant, drummer Kieran, and bassist Ben. They first established attention with the release of their single ‘Crazy’ in 2013, which instinctively reads your mind with the lyric ‘you wanna dance’. The track itself impressively hit over the 10,000 plays mark before its initial release. It’s achievements like this that flew the boys into the radar of many music critics, landing them a coveted spot on the BBC introducing stage in their back yard, T in the Park. The group have gained altitude ever since that live performance.

At the beginning of March, the release of their CD ‘Something Like Heaven’ excited me to the brink of take-off. Currently, the band are supporting Turtle Tempo favourites Eliza and the Bear on their UK tour (following the release of Eliza and the Bear’s self-titled debut album).

Model Aeroplanes are sure to get a tremendous amount of exposure, which is fully deserved in my opinion. If by any chance you are free at any point during the days between the 28th-31st of July, glide down to the Kendal Calling Festival and watch the talented contingent perform what will undoubtedly be an amazing set. If you’re unfortunate to have plans, I suggest you cancel them right away and read the previous sentence.

One of my personal favourites from their CD  is ‘Whatever Dress Suits You Better’ with ‘Club Low’ being my top track.

Be sure to clear for landing on their Spotify, Soundcloud, and Twitter.

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  1. This one makes me want to listen to them … I’ll try out the songs which u said u liked and crazy. I just wish Spotify was available in my country

    1. timetopretend117 avatar

      I’ve done my job as a reviewer then! 🙂 they have their old stuff on their sound loud and sure you could find the new cd on youtube.

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