Erica are a band that with the highest of potential, are yet to crack into the big time. A band that I first watched and became acquainted with in around 2007, they were then called ‘The Envy’. I could not have ever imagined that I would sit down in 2016 and write a review on them.

Over near enough ten years later and this three-piece from Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, have created a sound which has developed from smooth, easy on the ears guitar music which would very much sit at the delicate end of the rock world and matured into a rock vibe like no other band creates. People reading this may think ‘oh he is only writing all this great stuff because he has known of the band for such a long time’ but it really isn’t like that. I know of and watch plenty of local bands around me and if I wanted to big them all up then I would, but saying that, the music of all those bands isn’t something that I listen to all that often. With Erica, I must have listened to their 2014 album ‘Sons of the High Land’ near enough 100 times.

‘Sons of the High Land’ was an album that completely blew me and my ears away. I had heard most of the songs from the album before it was released, but only through seeing the band live. Hearing these songs put together into an album and joined together in such a great way presented an opportunity for me to be able to listen to them wherever I was, whenever I was there. I would find it hard to hand pick songs off the album that I love because they all give me such a great pleasure, but I will have to do so in order to not over write this review.

‘Lucky 7’ starts the album with a beautiful guitar riff that sets the scene for an album of class. ‘Loaded Gun’ starts with a repetitive drum solo, which when played live is often lengthened. ‘Letter to Myself’ is one of the bands older songs and carries a heavy and distinct bass line. The fact this song is one of the bands older songs makes it a clear favorite with Erica’s passionate and loyal local following, who are some of the greatest people I have ever met whilst watching music. ‘Cuppa’ is a work of art, so are the songs ‘Tate of Heaven’ and ‘Hollywood’.

My favorite, and most peoples favorite, song by Erica is ‘Never Punch Your Granny When She Shaves’. One of the oddest titles to a song that I have ever come across, yet this song is by no means odd. It is musical brilliance. This song is a mixture between smooth easy indie rock and heavy, loud rock. Sounds like an unexpected mix doesn’t it? Well it works. you can listen to this song below:

The ‘Highway to V Festival battle of the band winners 2015’ are a band that love to play for people to listen and they certainly get around whilst doing so and if you ever get a chance to see them, then do it. Their potential is still being fulfilled and they’re going to be big in the near future, that is near enough a guarantee.

Be sure to check them out on Facebook and on Twitter and have a good scroll through their Soundcloud.

The ‘Sons of the Highland’ are on a highway to fame, join them on it.


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