EP REVIEW : ‘Cascades’ by August and After

It really doesn’t take long until you’re firmly hooked into the relaxing harmonies and soothing vocals from the London acoustic trio known as ‘August and After’.

The three-piece have recently released their brand new five track EP ‘Cascades’,  and it really is indie-folk music at its absolute best. 

The first song on the EP is ‘Wolves’ – a song that the band released a music video for earlier this year, is their first official release as a trio, and it really does live up to its hype too. It’s an incredible song that features a variation of instruments which keeps you captivated the whole way through.

The second song from ‘Cascades’ is ‘Halley’ is probably the most up-beat track from the EP, and it picks up really well from ‘Wolves’ leaves off.

Every single track on the EP is full of meaningful lyrics that it takes a few listens to even begin to scratch beneath the surface of. It’s refreshing to see a trio with their own unique sound and their own identity.

You can purchase ‘Cascades’ from iTunes right here.

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