Coming straight at you from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, the alternative hard rock band known as ‘My Mother Lie’ will deliver hard, loud and noticeable tunes with a strong message, worthy of anyone’s time. 

The five piece are still a band who, despite being a relatively new band, play plenty of gigs and love to perform. Upon entering any My Mother Lie concert in their home town, you will notice that they have a core of fans who watch and follow the band and speak very highly of them. I have seen this band perform a handful of times and have been impressed more and more each time and have never had a bad night doing so.

A singer who will get the crowd going is something that music fans love and My Mother Lie certainly have one of those. A rhythm guitarist who will serenade your ears beautifully, the lead guitarist holds the band together. A bassist who contributes to the vocals is certainly loud in doing so and a drummer who sits at the back hitting hard and rocking harder. What more could you want from young, energetic band members?

With a Soundcloud account full of great songs, this is a band with bags of potential and I think that their song ‘A Fair Hand’ is the song that best defines this band. Check it out below, you won’t regret it.

I would get down on my knees and beg you to give this band a listen if I was to ever meet whoever is reading this in person, but as that isn’t possible, click on the link above, grab yourself and beer and rock out. If (well, when) you like it, be sure to hit up one of their concerts, they’re great. Watch out for this band, they could be big.

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