INTRODUCING : The Blue Dawns

I have been following The Blue Dawns for a while now, the rock ‘n roll trio of friends from York, England (consisting of lead singer and bass guitarist Ross McLeod, lead guitarist Ben Porter and drummer Jordan Maher) were formerly a quartet known as Likely Lads, releasing high-tempo, all-round incredible indie-rock music such as ‘Big Dreams’ and ‘Observations’ on a consistent basis right up until the end of 2013. At the time, for me personally it felt like a swift kick in the goolies to see Likely Lads were no more – however, The Blue Dawns have since been on fire (not literally) with their new-found old fashioned rock image with a pinch of blues music underneath the surface and in their name too. The Blue Dawns bring a certain energy to music in general that you just cannot help but love. 

The band have since been gaining a rapidly growing fan base for their music, and rightly so too. I’m looking forward to seeing what 2016 brings to the likeable lads.

Take a listen to their EP ‘Death of Us’ below!

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