‘Pretend’ By JUDE

Bedroom-Pop is the genre of Brooklyn, United States pair JUDE. The duo’s music brings in a cluster and a plethora of indie genres with a very dream-pop feel with a strong reverb and delay, as seen in this single ‘Pretend’. 

‘Pretend’ is a song that is certain to give you goosebumps by the end with the very imaginative feel of the song and nostalgic vocals. You can picture yourself going out early morning or very late at night and playing this through your headphones whilst having some alone time.

This is their latest release on their Soundcloud – however, as seen on their social media pages they are currently in the writing process so we can certainly expect to see some more Bedroom-Pop from JUDE very soon!

Be sure to listen to ‘Pretend’ below, and keep up to date with their latest news on Twitter and Facebook.

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