I actually came across SAHARA band on Twitter and I was quickly taken in straight away by the four-piece indie rock band from Dundee, Scotland by the first song on their Soundcloud “REARRANGING”. After then going through their archive of songs, I fell in love with the very instantly notable and recognizable sound of their music. Their songs could be played in any playlist and fit right in. 

They gained massive publicity back in Scotland when their first single ‘Ask Me Again’ became the breakout track of XFM Scotland; which resulted in multiple blogs and stations talking about them and playing their hits. They also went on to support the likes of The View, Model Aeroplanes, Sergeant and Neon Waltz respectively.

After this brilliant breakout year for SAHARA, you really should expect to see them heading to big things very soon. They are expected to release their EP in early June before playing gigs across Scotland after the release.

To listen to SAHARA check them out on their Soundcloud and be sure to follow their Twitter and drop a ‘like’ on their Facebook.


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