‘Let Go’ by Diamond Days

Since I first heard Diamond Days’ music last year, I’ve found myself addicted to it. This alternative rock band brings an original sound to the table, with fast-paced rhythms and all-round good vibes, creating music that you can’t help but love! 

One of their first singles ‘Start It From The End’ released two years ago, has accumulated over 62,000 views on YouTube, which is really good going.

Their latest release (accompanied with an impressive music video) ‘People Change’ features Fake The Attack vocalist Ashlyn Marshall, adding a whole new vibe to the song. Clearly they are taking every opportunity they get and expanding their recognition to a wider public eye.

But as much as I could talk about each track by Diamond Days, I’m here to discuss ‘Let Go’, and it’s a good one… Trust me.

The first thing you hear is the muffled intro, putting you in brief suspense knowing exactly what’s coming. The song bursts into action with a heavy riff and drums filling you with a lot of energy and excitement the whole way through, which is what I personally like to get from a song. The vocals compliment the song perfectly and it really gives Diamond Days so much originality.

If there’s one band I hope to see live, it’s these guys. With the way they’re heading, hopefully it won’t be too long before they announce upcoming shows and new music (because let’s be honest, a lot of people want to hear more from them).

I really recommend you check this band out, you certainly won’t be disappointed!

You can find Diamond Days on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

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