LIVE REVIEW : Palma Violets @ Civic

October, November & December 2015 – these three months were a milestone for the intimate venue known as Wolves Civic Hall, as we saw it showcase some of the most current and exciting artists to date! Crowds flocked in their numbers to see bands such as Peace, The Courteeners and The Vaccines.

As a regular gig goer, the Civic Hall is one of my favourite venues to go to, and it is the most convenient as it is right on my doorstep. I was fortunate enough to grab tickets for both Peace and The Vaccines; and I can assure you, both bands are immense live. If you ever get the opportunity to go, don’t pass it up!

I wanted to dedicate this review however to the English rock quartet Palma Violets, who opened for The Vaccines in November. The band consists of Samuel Fryer, Alexander “Chilli” Jesson, Jeffrey Mayhew and William Doyle.

Having just been treated to the psychedelic sounds of Sunflower Bean – I was hopeful that the Violets would maintain the atmosphere, and the lads certainly did not disappoint. They brought energy, rowdiness and put their heart and soul into every track. Having just released their most recent album ‘Danger in the Club’ they played new material such as ‘The Jacket Song’ (which features vocals from ‘Chilli’) and ‘Hollywood I Got It’. Palma Violets made sure they played a few of their older classics for example ‘Best Of Friends’ and ‘Rattlesnake Highway’ which really got their fans buzzing.

All in all, from this performance alone, I feel it earns them the title as one of the best live bands ever and after touring endlessly overseas, their fans are hopeful they will announce some headline UK shows. Until then, you can listen to any of the songs mentioned on   their YouTube channel and their music is available on iTunes to purchase.

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