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Irene Skylakaki releases 4th album, a gift, a journey a – ‘Souvenir’.

Greece’s resident uber-cool, singer-songwriter Irene Skylakaki has been generating a lot of interest this year and deservedly so. She’s released a string of highly successful and distinctive singles over the past few months including the haunting sounds of ‘Sutherland Avenue’, the hypnotic synths of ‘Dreamy’ and the piano-led  ‘Souvenir’, solidifying her sound and making her …

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Beneath The Surface: Irene Skylakaki

Good evening and welcome to another Beneath The Surface feature. Today’s guest is the gloriously talented Greek artist Irene Skylakaki. She has blessed us with a treasure chest of insight to not only her artistic journey so far, but everything we have to look forward to in the not too distant future. A pure joy …

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