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In Conversation with Say Kids

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Say Kids is a foursome fusing rock, funk, psychedelia and blues. Founded in 2018 by Peyton Smith, William Cheatham, Oliver Finch and Matt Gay began writing and recording songs from Oliver and Matt’s studio.  We sat down for a chat with Say Kids talking about their new single ‘Hootie Hoo’, discovering …

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In Conversation with Tillerman

Like most bands, the personnel of the group often lies within family links and friends acquired along the way via mutual passions. Tillerman is no different. Lead vocalist and guitarist Jon Kulczycki and drummer Tom Kulczycki are brothers who have jammed together for years. Jon met lead guitarist Shaun Mallia through work whilst at university …

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Erica are a band that with the highest of potential, are yet to crack into the big time. A band that I first watched and became acquainted with in around 2007, they were then called ‘The Envy’. I could not have ever imagined that I would sit down in 2016 and write a review on …

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