Author: Lewis Smart

NEW MUSIC: ‘Panorama’ by Plums

New York based quartet Plums latest single ‘Panorama’ is a bright, guitar riffed, indie eruption, full of colour and commotion. With nods towards psychedelic surf and indie-rock, ‘Panorama’ packs a punch. Perfect for those sunny cruises along Sunset Boulevard or those costal towns of the British Isles. Plums latest track ‘Panorama’ is absolutely balmy and …

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NEW MUSIC: ‘Not Gonna Lie’ by Andrew Applepie

Berlin native, Andrew Applepie brings his laid-back sounds and organic nature to his new music offering ‘Not Gonna Lie’. Andrew takes a very experimental approach to his music, using an array of musical instruments in various shapes and sizes to construct his electronic, dream pop sounds. He simply experiments with whatever he can get his …

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