Author: Seda

LIEBE is the newest album from groundbreaking German artist, Luis Ake

If you like romance, epic storylines and all the joy and nostalgia that pop music brings, then you'll be sure to love the newest album by groundbreaking German artist, songwriter and vocalist, Luis Ake. 

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DIY artist Nora Lilith reveals experimental second single ‘Daysof8’

Norah Lilith has unveiled her second single and music video, ‘Days of 8’. It’s the first track to be teased from her forthcoming EP and the predecessor to ‘Misfed’ released back in June to critical acclaim from tastemakers both in Lilith’s native Europe and across the pond in the US, where she currently resides. Continuing …

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Beneath the Surface with Abergale Bremner

Hello friends and welcome to another succulent slice of Beneath the Surface. Todays feature is a particularly exciting one as I chat to Global Embodiment Facilitator, Feminine Leadership Coach and now emerging Australian Artist, Abergale Bremner! We go deeeeep & things get juicy so grab a cuppa and let’s dive right in! What would you …

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