Five For Friday – 21st July 2023

Conor Mulroy – ‘Still Water, Pt. 1’

With the artist and composer soon to release his eagerly-anticipated ‘Still Water’ project in the near future, Conor Mulroy now offers up the opening entry from his forthcoming release. Collaborating with musicians Tristan Clarridge and Simon Chrisman for the single, this new outing makes for a wonderfully broad and immersive addition to his ever-growing catalogue of late.


Lance Rodriguez – ‘11Eleven’

After cementing himself as a bright and alluring name on the rise right now, US singer-songwriter Lance Rodriguez now looks to showcase his newly released debut album ‘EMPATH’ with the emotive new single ‘11Eleven’. Adopting more of that captivating pop direction he is known for, this new effort makes for a rousing addition to his latest full-length.


J The Producer – ‘Soul War’

Having already cemented himself as a true visionary on the new music scene of late, Texas-based artist J The Producer continues to shine on his latest effort ‘Soul War’. Taking influence from the humbled 60s soul and gospel sound this time around, he sweeps and swoons his way through this wonderfully emotive new gem.


A.N.J.A. – ‘Midnight Raid’

With a blistering array of releases under her belt already, German artist A.N.J.A. continues to pursue more of that raucous energy on the thunderous new single ‘Midnight Raid’. Brimming with a fresh and driven alt-rock sound that never gives up, she is returning to the fold with one of her hardest tracks to date here.


The New Hippies – ‘Wishing Well’

After a bold and inventive run of releases these last few years, California’s The New Hippies are back on the grind once again as they deliver their breezy new single ‘Wishing Well’. Capturing more of that warm and alluring hip-hop energy they are known for, this new one makes for a wonderfully fresh and compelling listen from beginning to end.

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