Five For Friday – 26th May 2023

JUL!ET – ‘nice try!’

Following on from the enormous response to her highly-praised effort ‘Road Trip’ in recent months, Seattle-based artist JUL!ET is back to her vibrant best once again on the shimmering new outing ‘nice try!’. With its warm and embracing atmosphere perfectly elevating her captivating voice throughout, this new one will wash over you and leave you feeling renewed throughout.


Baby Got Back Talk – ‘Opposite Of Imposter Syndrome’

After cementing themselves as a bright and innovative name on the rise these last few years, New York-based outfit Baby Got Back Talk keep the vibes high on their soaring new single ‘Opposite Of Imposter Syndrome’. Continuing that fun and upbeat pop-punk direction they are known for, this new release will slap a smile on your face from beginning to end.


J. Hoard – ‘Devil Is A Liar’

Having previously worked as a songwriter for the likes of Black Coffee and Chance The Rapper in recent years, New York-based artist J. Hoard looks to bring back more of that innovative style with his soul-infused new offering ‘Devil Is A Liar’. With a broad and shimmering aesthetic that perfectly reflects his passionate vocals throughout, he is quickly cementing himself as one of the more mesmerising names on the rise with this one.


Jake Beck – ‘Caveman’

Having already made some serious noise on the alt-rock scene these last few years, Toronto-based artist Jake Beck is back to continue his progressive rise on the pounding new single ‘Caveman’. With its bright and shimmering appeal laced against his driven vocal style throughout, he is certainly looking to turn some head with this one.


That Old Quiet Lighthouse – ‘Despite My Height’

After a run of bright and exciting delights these last few years, emerging outfit That Old Quiet Lighthouse recently returned to deliver their much-loved debut LP ‘Learning To Live With Less’, showcased by the vibrant new gem ‘Despite My Height’. Continuing to pursue more of that riveting indie-rock sound they are known for, this new cut makes for a powerful addition to their latest full-length.


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