Five For Friday – 28th April 2023

Summon Luke – ‘Milky Way’

After spending most of the past year building and cultivating his sound, US artist Summon Luke is back to his vibrant best yet again as he delivers the soaring new single ‘Milky Way’. Conjuring more of that rich and immersive pop-rock sound he is known for, this new outing cements him as a rousing entry on the new music scene of late.


Totten Bridge – ‘Perfect Day’

Having already established himself with a wealth of rousing delights these last few months, New York-based artist Totten Bridge is back at it once again with his vibrant new single ‘Perfect Day’. Capturing more of that euphoric pop-rock aesthetic he is quickly earning a reputation for, this new one will have you pumping your fists in the air from start to finish.


Sarah Krimson – ‘Spine’

Having recently released her highly-praised new EP ‘Urban Melancholia’ in recent weeks, fast-rising artist Sarah Krimson now looks to support her latest outing with the shimmering new single ‘Spine’. Honing another heady dose of riveting piano-led aesthetics with her own tender vocals throughout, she is returning with one of her most passionate releases with this one.


Nathan Morris – ‘Dangerous’

After spending the last few years building a bold and diverse repertoire of releases, Kentucky-based artist Nathan Morris returns to the fold once again with his heartfelt new effort ‘Dangerous’. Conjuring more of that riveting piano-led sound he is known for, he is certainly looking to pull on our heartstrings with this one.


Drunken Logic – ‘Born Mad’

With an impressive run of releases under his belt already, emerging artist Drunken Logic continues the support for his forthcoming new EP ‘An Awful Lot Of Nothing’ with the driven new single ‘Born Mad’. Filled with bold and explosive hooks, a soaring atmosphere, and vibrant riffs throughout, he is returning with a truly anthemic and enticing offering here.


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