Five For Friday – 7th April 2023

Ziggy D’Amato – ‘Damages’

With his previous release ‘Tina’s Nite Club’ finding huge support upon its release, fast-rising artist Ziggy D’Amato continues the support for his forthcoming EP ‘Maya Blue’ with the breezy new single ‘Damages’. Bringing back more of that rich and shimmering indie-rock swagger he is known for, his newest delight makes for a wonderfully fresh and captivating listen.


Frank Head – ‘Soul Snatcher’

Having already racked up hundreds of thousands of streams thanks to a run of vibrant releases these last few years, emerging artist Frank Head is back on the grind once again with his atmospheric new gem ‘Soul Snatcher’. Combining his dark and driven vocals with a brooding production throughout, he is returning with one of his most alluring releases to date here.


xskarma – ‘Hello’

Known for his broad and inventive approach to the trip-hop sound, Bristol-based producer xskarma is back once again to deliver his sweeping new single ‘Hello’. Collaborating with vocalist glasscat throughout, this warm and atmospheric new delight adds another vital addition to his ever-growing repertoire to date.


Jillian Lee Antinora – ‘Laid Down Your Love’

After proving herself with a run of bright and kaleidoscopic releases these last few years, Colorado-based singer-songwriter Jillian Lee Antinora is back to her best on the captivating new anthem ‘Laid Down Your Love’. With a heady mix of country, blues, and folk influences layered together, this new offering makes for a wonderfully embracing listen.


Mardiana – ‘Don’t Cry For Me’

Following the enormous support for her previously shared gems ‘Delusional’ and ‘Please Just Stay In Love’ in recent months, Malaysian artist Mardiana is back to continue her incredible rise with the soaring new single ‘Don’t Cry For Me’. With its rich and shimmering production, layered with her own heartfelt vocals throughout, she is certainly looking to turn some heads with this one.


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