Five For Friday – 10th March 2023

Sam Seguardo – ‘JJ’

After a run of impressive delights over the last few years, Dublin-based singer-songwriter Sam Seguardo is back on the grind once again with his shimmering new delight ‘JJ’. Capturing more of that warm and alluring indie-rock aesthetic he is known for, his newest effort makes for a wonderfully riveting listen from start to finish.


BGC Melody – ‘Cookie Crumbles’

Based in Cameroon, The Congo, Germany, and the United States, BGC Melody have always looked to pursue a diverse international sound as they return with their enigmatic new single ‘Cookie Crumbles’. Teaming up with Cameroonian artist Tasa for the release, this new endeavour makes for a wonderfully fresh and inventive listen throughout.


The Mild West – ‘Pathetic’

Having already broken through with a wave of highly-received belters these last few years, Chicago-based outfit The Mild West return once again with their stunning new delight ‘Pathetic’. Capturing more of those fresh and uplifting pop-rock textures they have built for themselves, this new one will slap a smile on your face from beginning to end.


Harry Klein – ‘Don’t Look In The Light’

With a broad and inventive approach to his sound over the last few years, Sydney-based producer Harry Klein recently returned to deliver his breathtaking new album ‘And Then There Was None’, showcased by the vibrant new effort ‘Don’t Look In The Light’. Honing more of that rich and dynamic flavour he is known for, he makes light work of this atmospheric new stunner.


Happy Sometimes – ‘Happy’

Having already cemented her sound with a flurry of much-loved gems over the last few years, LA-based artist Happy Sometimes makes her eagerly-awaited return to deliver her sweeping new single ‘Happy’. Capturing a wonderfully warm and tender atmosphere from start to finish, she is truly shining on this wondrous comeback.


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