Five For Friday – 11th November 2022

Ghostluvme – ‘Hydro’

After racking up an impressive fifty million streams since emerging in 2020, Ghostluvme is back to his best once again on the pulsing new effort ‘Hydro’. Returning to that bold and pulsing hip-hop energy he is known for, this bright and energetic new offering marks another bold step forward for his explosive sound to date.


Eve Simpson – ‘The Strangest Company’

With a wonderfully sweet and alluring texture, emerging Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter Eve Simpson is continuing her vibrant ascent as she delivers her heartfelt new single ‘The Strangest Company’. Bringing back more of that heartfelt piano-led aesthetic she has built for herself, this new release makes for a beautifully rousing listen from start to finish.


Buzz Violet – ‘Energy’

Having already made his mark as a member of acclaimed alt-pop duo Petrie in recent years, vocalist George Edward is now introducing his Buzz Violet project with the vibrant debut single ‘Energy’. Capturing warm and effervescent energy, brimming with sweet and alluring tones, this new gem is a bold and infectious introduction to his sound.


Aural Air – ‘Karman Line’

With her highly-anticipated new EP ‘Imagined Pastures’ set to arrive soon, London-based Irish singer-songwriter Aural Air is looking to preview her latest collection with the spellbinding new effort ‘Karman Line’. Delivering more of that warm and sweeping acoustic-led direction she is known for, her newest offering is another passionate return for the highly-acclaimed artist.


Fo Daniels – ‘Angel In The Streetlight’

After spending the last few months delivering a bold and exciting array of indie-rock belters, emerging artist Fo Daniels is looking to continue his run of form on the new offering ‘Angel In The Streetlight’. Bringing back more of that rich and infectious swagger he is known for, this new delight is another rousing example of his driven sound to date.

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