Abby Nissenbaum Shines On New Single ‘Checkerboard Flies’

Moody, elegant and affecting, Abby Nissenbaum’s new single ‘Checkerboard Flies’ sits somewhere between Phoebe Bridgers and Fleetwood Mac, edgy, dark with rocky elements whilst retaining melancholic, emotive songwriting.

The first track to be released from her upcoming EP Unreliable Narrator, ‘Checkerboard Flies’ sees the Nashville based singer-songwriter at her best and most impactful, balancing moody, reverb soaked indie-alternative atmosphere with folk tinted songwriting to create a warming yet impactful sound full of inventive ideas and an effortless, cool edge. The track also sees Abby demonstrate her effortless, rich, classically trained vocals – beautifully controlled, honest and soaring in the chorus, giving a glimpse into what a formidable talent she possesses.

Talking about the meaning behind the single, Abby explains: “Checkerboard Flies is about going back to situations or people who make you feel worthless, and when those inevitably cause harm, it can in turn feel like a confirmatory pattern that you’re worthless. In the last verse, I hint to the concept of an ‘unreliable narrator’ (the eponymous EP of which Checkerboard Flies is the first single), where we might create false narratives about ourselves in reflection of repeated engagement with destructive relationships or habits.”

A stunning effort offering an exciting insight into what to expect form the upcoming EP, ‘Checkerboard Flies’ is out now.

Listen below:

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