Lolita Mae Showcases Atmospheric Soundscapes & Silky Vocals On New Single ‘Atomic Love Rush’

Mystical, dark and enticing, the stunning new single from Lolita Mae, ‘Atomic Love Rush’ is an excellent example of her talents. 

Reminiscent of Lana Del Rey blended with elements of Billie Eilish and FKA Twigs, the a Sydney-based singer, songwriter and producers alternative electro-pop sound sparkles. Opening with atmospheric electronics and a muted, reverb soaked beat, Lolita instantly captures a dreamy haze under her silky, effortlessly coo vocal delivery. The tracks infectious chorus over a giant, distorted synth bass takes the track to another level delivery a track which offers an insight into the kind of potential this newcomer has. 

Speaking about the track Lolita explains: “Atomic love rush is about the day I finally decided to let myself break the rules after meeting someone who embraced and loved my true colours. 

Although I had eyes and expectations breathing down my neck for sometime about the kind of girl I should be, I discovered the harshest critic was myself all along. When I found this like minded, unbridled version of me who could see into my deeper self, I was at the boiling point of breaking the barricades I built around myself, regardless of who I disappointed in the process. Since then I’ve been carrying that ‘you get what you’re given’ type of energy.”

Describing the process behind how the track was written, Lolita continues:

“This track was mostly produced by myself. I was largely inspired by the productions of Grimes and Lana Del Rey and their albums ‘Miss Anthropocene’ and ‘Lust For Life’. A lot of the samples and trippy elements were created from scratch. As a person who has always been obsessed with supernatural movies and themes, I always like to capture these themes sonically.”

Listen below:

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