Five For Friday – 24th June 2022

The Schoolboys – ‘Girls Grow Up Faster Than Boys’

With a sound that looks to blend early post-punk influences with a modern indie-rock groove, Reading-based outfit The Schoolboys deliver the breezy new single ‘Girls Grow Up Faster Than Boys’. Brimming with rich and atmospheric textures throughout, this woozy new jam makes for a wonderfully fresh and inventive listen.


Teghan Devon – ‘Our Garden’

As an artist that has always been infatuated with The Beatles, emerging artist Teghan Devon is now looking to do her heroes proud as she drops the sweet and breezy new gem ‘Our Garden’. Opting for a smooth and enticing folk-pop direction from start to finish, this humble ballad sees her shine and soar with vibrant finesse.


mickey jas – ‘Better Me’

After making an outstanding impression with his debut single ‘Angel Child’ in March this year, fast-rising singer, songwriter and producer mickey jas returns with his shimmering sophomore effort ‘Better Me’. Bringing back a smooth and alluring direction throughout, his newest gem is a warm and vibrant return from a name brimming with potential.


Ginny Vee – ‘Tears In The Rain’

With a rich and alluring selection of releases under her belt already, award-winning Italian artist Ginny Vee is back to her best as she drops the stunning new single ‘Tears In The Rain’. Opting for a broad and passionate guise throughout, this light and humble piano-led croon offers up some truly heartfelt and personal moments throughout.


Elephants And Stars – ‘On The Table’

After bursting onto the scene with a flurry of dynamic alt-rock stompers, Canadian outfit Elephants And Stars are back on the grind to unleash their ferocious new single ‘On The Table’. Channelling more of that raw and energetic direction they are known for, this blistering new jam will have you pumping your fists from start to finish.

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