Five For Friday – 27th May 2022

Blonds – ‘Yesterday’

After dazzling us with a rich and inviting array of offerings these last few months, emerging singer and songwriter Luciano Thomas aka Blonds is back to his best on the upbeat new single ‘Yesterday’. Channelling a wonderfully fresh and uplifting guise throughout, we simply can’t get enough of this rich and loveable new jam.


Natali Noor – ‘Policeman’

Having already built a reputation as a fresh and adventurous songwriter and producer these last few years, Swedish artist Natali Noor is now delivering something from her own project in the shape of ‘Policeman’. With its bold and bouncing grooves layered throughout, this new one will get you on your feet and keep your hips shaking throughout.


Nika Taleghani – ‘Back And Forth’

After establishing herself with her stunning debut single ‘The Cave’ last year, emerging artist Nika Taleghani makes her eagerly-awaited return on the luxurious new single ‘Back And Forth’. Channelling a broad and euphoric edge to the alt-pop sound, her newest gem makes for wonderfully fresh and powerful listen from start to finish.


The Marble Arches – ‘Johnny Galecki’

As we eagerly await the release of their much-hyped new EP ‘Heads Up’, which is out on the 3rd June, Leeds-based outfit The Marble Arches look to keep our appetites whet with the groove-filled new single ‘Johnny Galecki’. Taking the conventional approach to indie-rock ideals and splicing it with warm and soulful hooks gives this cut a brilliantly inviting sound throughout.



Evol Walks – ‘Drag Me Down’

With a sound that is always looking to add something bigger and more expressive to the alt-rock genre, Evol Walks are back once again with the enormous new single ‘Drag Me Down’. Jam-packed with raw and blistering energy, not to mention stellar vocals throughout, this new one will knock you back and keep your fists pumping throughout.

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