Weekly Roundup: Brother Leo, Gecko Club, Sam Segurado and more

Brother Leo – Hello Life

Universal Music Sweden’s latest offering from Brother Leo is an understated indie-pop single which offers not just an infectious ear worm but a stunningly atmospheric soundscape packed with layers of intriguing instrumentation. From the trip-hop muted drums to the finger picked acoustic guitar riff and layers of piano, ‘Hello Life’ offers up an emotionally complex soundscape under the honest, raw vocal delivery.

A single which shows huge potential and with a big label backing him, expect to see Brother Leo blowing up soon!

Gecko Club – Caramel Clouds

London 4 piece Gecko club have established themselves as one of the UK’s best up and coming live bands having built a reputation for their unique indie-rock come reggae sound. The new single ‘Caramel Clouds’ is another key example of the bands ability to write a tune that instantly sounds like a banger live despite it’s melancholic mood. Built around a simplistic drums, bass and guitar structure the band do only what they need to and not overcomplicating the recording process with unnecessary production.

A fine addition to their already impressive discography, ‘Caramel Clouds’ definitely deserves a spot on your playlist!


Sam Segurado – Overspace

With a self professed love of Bon Iver, Irish-Portuguese Folktronica artist Sam Segurado channels the same feel for innovative electronics and emotional delivery as Justin Vernon on the new single ‘Overspace’. Having come from a background of make acoustic folk, the new single is the first look at the upcoming album and offers an insight into how much Sam has developed as an artist.

From the elegant guitar riff to the glitchy sampling and the muted beats and the unexpectedly catchy chorus, ‘Overspace’ is one hell of a tune.


Nayad – Can I Believe You

Having launched themselves after appearing on the soundtrack for hit Netflix series Emily In Paris, Swedish Dream-Pop duo Nayad are now back with their debut EP ‘Neon Bedroom’, a collection of tracks that solidifies their place as one of the most exciting Dream-Pop prospects to emerge over the last few years.

The new single taken from the EP ‘Can I Believe You’ is a key representation of their sound, fitting right between the likes of Tame Impala and Beach House with a bright, airy soundscape which underlines the soft female lead vocal before the track bursts into an understated yet euphoric guitar solo to close out the 6 track EP.


Lucas Harmon – Breakaway

Singer-Songwriter Lucas Harmon shines on his latest offering ‘Breakaway’, a track which is he track covers themes of anger, redemption but most of all, empowerment. Produced by Grammy-nominated Shane Adams, ‘Breakaway’ was recorded at the studio ‘House of David’. Showcasing not only flawless production but Lucas’ keen ear for a catchy melody and his ability to write intense, personal lyrics ‘Breakaway’ is a promising look at his development as an artist.


Abram Dark – Moments Are Taped

Abram Dark’s latest single, the understated piano ballad ‘Moments Are Taped’ is a hard hitting single which talks openly about his journey and recovery living with a brain injury. Intimate and dark, the tracks raw quality, not reliant on anything other than piano and Abram’s effortless, honest vocal delivery allows Abram’s talents as a songwriter to shine, able to wear his heart on his sleeve, not holding anything back.


Fego Navarro – Café Con Leche

Bright, chirpy and full of flair, ‘Café Con Leche’ is a Latin infused Hip-hop tune packed with musical delights and Fego’s flawless flow. An ode to both his London for a partner to enjoy life with and his love for coffee, the track’s easy going, warming quality is an absolute joy.


Thelia – Mental Pictures

New Orleans Alt-Pop newcomer Thelia makes a bold statement, estbalishing herself as one to watch with the new single ‘Mental Pictures’. Packed with atmosphere thanks to its reverby soundscape built around layers of sampled vocals, synths, choppy beats and deep sub bass.

Catchy and demonstrating her undeniably commercial vocal style, this is an interesting introduction to the solo artist, showing that she has both an experimental side under her pop tendencies. It will be interesting to see which direction she chooses as her sound develops further.



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