London Alternative Rock ‘n’ Rollers Ballin’ Jacks Share Nostalgic New Single ‘Life’s a Gas Leak’


London four piece Ballin’ Jacks capture 70’s aesthetics with their unique psychedelic-indie sound. he new single ‘Life’s A Gas Leak’ is a prime example of the band’s ultra cool, vintage tinged sound. Described in the press release as ‘baroque meets psych-pop offering through a modern lens, flaunting thoughtful lyrics and soulful vocals across a hazy soundscape’ the track is exactly that, capturing all the whimsical, vintage elements to give the track a distinctive edge whilst also retaining a modern, atmospheric sheen.


Instantly comparable to Arctic Monkey’s last album ‘Tranquility Base Hotel And Casino’, the singles mix of swaying rhythms, twinkling piano, crunchy guitar riffs and subtle brass create a bluesy, dreamy backdrop for the raspy, gritty, lightly distorted lead vocal and sharp, witty lyricism. It reminds me of my mum playing me Van Morrison in her old Volvo estate when I was a kid.


This ultra vintage approach to production and songwriting has such an appeal in a world full of over-produced, synthetic tracks that when a band like Ballin’ Jacks come along, it’s hard not to admire their no bullshit approach and bask in the feeling of nostalgia as though you are listening to a cassette with big headphones on. 


Currently working on their debut album and a series of upcoming, there’s lots more to some from the London quintet.

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