Teagon Johnston Returns With Experimental & Moving New Ballad ‘Blue Monday’

Formerly known as Little Coyote, singer-songwriter Teagan Johnston returns with her new single ‘Blue Monday’, a whimsical, moving and innovative piano ballad which demonstrates both Teagan’s ability as a songwriter as well as her remarkable ability to take the track beyond the confines of it’s genre with inventive production. Released today, on Blue Monday, supposedly the most depressing day of the year, this down tempo ballad is a fitting ode to the day’s sombre mood.


Comparable to artists such as Billy Eilish, Lana Del Rey as well as FKA Twigs, the track possesses an otherworldly aura; beautiful, dark and brooding as it moves through it’s varying sections of piano, strings and subtle, fuzzy synth and guitar lines. Teagan’s effortless, Phoebe Bridgers-esque vocals shine across the track with an honest, haunting delivery emphasised by the ultra tight, ‘close to the mic’ production.


Talking about the single Teagan said: “Blue Monday details the events leading up to a breakup. It is a deeply personal song that explores drug addiction, the loss of a partner and the feeling of begging someone to stay at the cost of yourself.

“The lyric “Cut into me like a Blue Monday midnight driver” refers to a carjacking that happened near my apartment while I was going through this breakup. The story of the car jacking as it was told to me was that on Blue Monday a car jacker stabbed someone and took their vehicle. After hearing the story I imagined the victim of the carjacking victim sympathizing with the carjackers’ need to “just get away” as I was with my partners’ need to leave our relationship.” Teagan adds


Having already amassed a host of tastemaker press coverage, it’s easy to imagine Teagan Johnston launching herself to star status in coming months. Listen to the new single ‘Blue Monday’ below:

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