Lilith Ai Shares Emotive New Single ‘IRL’

Capturing an element of Phoebe Bridgers on the new single ‘IRL’, Lilth Ai showcases her ability to make indie-rock that’s packed with emotional depth and honesty.

Combining an authentic lo-fi soundscape with introspective lyricism and an ingenious music video ‘IRL’ is such a brilliant introduction to the artist. Opening with a gently finger picked guitar line and wistful, soft vocals, Lilth creates a beautiful, melancholic soundscape before bursting into a vibrant sonic array of colour with punching drums and distorted guitar lines. This juxtaposition of delicate emotion: honest, heartfelt before underlining with a bite and driven guitar lines later into the track, shows such a well measured and thought out approach to writing that holds your attention throughout.

Speaking about the new single, Lilth said: “If you hold up a mirror to your life and realize how fucked things are, how you/me/we did this shit but at the same time we are products of this environment doing and trying our best. So in all the guilt we need empathy. this is it, we can’t restart the game, or reboot cos it’s IRL. This is it.” 

Delicate and personal yet also bold and exciting ‘IRL’ is an absolute beaut and shows a lot of potential for the future.

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