Irish Electronic/ Alternative-Pop Artist Blooms Shares Haunting New Single ‘Text Me When You’re Home’

Irish electronic/ alternative-pop artist Blooms is back with her new single ‘Text Me When You Get Home’.

Having burst onto the scene with her 2014 debut EP ‘If’, Blooms set the bar high with acclaim from a number of tastemaker music sites that fell in love with her smooth, synth-heavy production. Now back with a new single – a haunting, atmospheric exploration of women’s safety, Blooms’ highlights the reality of all the actions that women and girls feel they must take themselves to try and stay safe.

Hard-hitting, emotional and intriguing from start to finish, the track’s swelling synths, muted beats and warming production underline her soft, glistening vocals perfectly. Reminiscent of the likes of Polica and Art School Girlfriend, the track shows that despite Blooms’ break from releasing music, her ear for creating an affecting soundscape still remains as entrancing as ever.

Speaking on the inspiration for the track Blooms said:
“I wrote the song as a reaction to the Sarah Everard story. I lived in London. I walked through parks on my own to get home. I have been that girl. We have all been that girl but the outcome of her story broke my heart. There’s definitely a sadness to the song. We all want the people we care about to let us know that they’re safe, to let us know they got home ok. It should be so simple but it’s not.”

An empowering and promising offering that many will relate to, this is an inspiring and authentic comeback for the artist.

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