NEW MUSIC: Calm Canopy – Always Around

Calm Canopy has released his second track ‘Always Around’ – a playful, danceable bedroom indie banger, tinged with a math rock finesse.

Mike Papaloni – the Canadian brain behind Calm Canopy – has been creating music for ten years; and it shows! ‘Always Around’ is a masterfully crafted track, with some of the tastiest math-rock style refrains I’ve heard in a long while. His intricate guitar noodle-riffs are irresistible to move your feet to, and once the 2020 curse has ended, I have no doubt that Calm Canopy will become integral to Canada’s live scene (while I become all the more impatient waiting here in the UK).

Mike writes that at the beginning of lockdown in Spring, due to working remotely from his home studio, all that he could ever focus on was writing music. ‘Always Around’ came about as the expression of this restlessness:

“I wanted to write it in a way that drew parallels with a drug addiction that becomes detrimental to one’s ability to participate in the expectations of our society- having a steady job, going out and socializing, commitments, etc.”

He also writes that he’d “often have a song or a rhythm stuck in my head that would consume my attention entirely,” – it seems Mike’s delicious riffs have passed that condition onto me. ‘Always Around’ is charmingly catchy, and in contrast to the troubled lyrics, infectiously upbeat. The dichotomy between the instrumentation and Mike’s singing style is particularly what keeps the track intriguing; where the guitar jangles and the intricate drums (Bruno Werner) keep a spirited momentum, Mike’s vocals are lasting, floating, and quite graceful in an indie way. There are so many elements of intrigue in this track that I could keep on about for a long time, but I’d say it’s better to experience ‘Always Around’ for yourself.

If you enjoyed ‘Always Around’, Calm Canopy has since released a third track ‘Confines’. Keep up to date with him on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Spotify.

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