NEW MUSIC: Jake Aldridge – King Of The World

Music acted as a catharsis for Jake Aldridge almost from the beginning of his award-winning career. At the age of 11, Jake’s father died prematurely when struck by lightning during a family fishing trip. Struggling to deal with this experience, Jake began writing poetry which evolved into songwriting as a means of coping with his grief. Slowly, he began producing music fusing country and pop into his folk-rock style creating a unique sound. As his talent progressed, so did his presence in the music industry and he was featured in RGM, Talk About Pop Music and Indie Music Plus – to name but a few. The latest addition to his repertoire is ‘King Of The World’.




It’s noted that the majority of humans display a desire for romantic relationships – a wanting to fall in love if you will. Living in an internet-driven society, modern adults tend to use online dating apps to find this ideal mate, and that was what Jake Aldridge did. Using the assumedly sex-driven dating app Tinder, Jake found his match in former Slimming World consultant Lisa Hartgrove. Two years later after several messages and dates, Lisa accepted Jake’s proposal of marriage.

Andy Williams sings that love is a many-splendored thing and Jake knows this. In the new track ‘King of the World’, he enchants us with his take on being completely in love but with a 21st-century twist. Instead of Williams’ soulful crooning, Jake uses pop to bear his innermost emotions.

Reminiscent of Ed Sheeran and Sam Mendes, ‘King of the World’ is an addictive guitar-driven ballad. Lyrically, Jake vividly illustrates his feelings of being both smitten and lucky to find someone that he deems “out of his league”; however, the joy of his relationship is enhanced with an upbeat melody. Using tranquil instrumentation, ‘King of the World’ rocks you in a warm, comfortable and entrancing basket of love. If this is what true love feels like, then I hope he remains King of the World forever.


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