NEW MUSIC: nicha – little bird

Ireland native nicha has delivered her second release ‘little bird’. An ominous, atmospheric, though ultimately freeing track that bespeaks the fortitude of those trapped in toxic relationships.

‘Stop reading lies / Know when a feeling’s right’ – these two lines of ‘little bird’ encapsulate nicha’s message to any individual who feels they’re under the thumb of an abusive partner.

Still, this track is so much more than those two lines; have a listen for yourself, and you’ll become bathed in its perfect atmosphere. ‘Little bird‘ is both lyrically and sonically representative of that great mental hurdle. The opening is foreboding, just nicha’s plucked acoustic guitar and a distant, unidentifiable, high-pitched whistling, as if the song’s protagonist were walking through a ghost town. Come to the chorus, and it’s revealed that she isn’t so alone – her partner shouts after her, beckoning his ‘little bird’, but she has freed herself, and keeps on walking. Nicha’s guitar flourishes into chords, synths flutter, and her lush layered vocals instill the track with soul, subtle funk, and a sense of freedom.

Writing about ‘little bird’, nicha explains that it represents “someone who dreams of their independence, someone who has always had the strength to set themselves free.” Hearing this track, one might expect nicha to be a veteran of the music biz – her lyrics explore a vital matter with compassion, dexterity and influence; her songwriting and performance is palpably atmospheric; and the track’s producer Michael Mormecha masterfully assembled each element into the whole – so it’s really quite impressive that ‘little bird’ is only nicha’s second release. Needless to say, that makes me all the more excited for what is yet to come.

To keep up to date with nicha, find her on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Spotify.

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