NEW MUSIC: Neon Gru – Hot Wine

London-based six-piece Neon Gru are delivering something un-genre-able with their new single ‘Hot Wine’ – a groovy fascination awaits you.

I could list off myriad different genres that Neon Gru brew like alchemy into their tracks – but if I did so, you’d have very far to scroll to reach their social links. That’s all the more impressive given that they only have three releases to date, each track (with thousands of streams already) a captivating venture into soul-pop, indie-electronica, jazz-fusion – there I go, listing the genres.

It goes without saying that ‘Hot Wine’ is a track you need to listen to yourself. Its twists and turns are unique to itself, moving from its bright, flourishing chorus into a more experimental deconstructed verse, then even deeper into a broad psychedelic soundscape featuring distant brass instruments and impeccably intricate percussive quirks – then, after a quick bridge of what sounds like Arabian-inspired flutes and keys, ‘Hot Wine’ returns to its chorus. Even with its multitude of elements and styles, Neon Gru have managed to not only create a cohesive and well-structured track, but excel in its unmitigated soul and the sheer amount of groove.

Sharing decades’ worth of experience between them, Neon Gru’s six members wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered ‘Hot Wine’ themselves. Rooted in Leon Itzler’s basslines and the chops of the band’s two drummers/percussionists Nuno Brito and David Dyson (now that King Gizzard only have one drummer, Neon Gru stand a real chance of becoming the world’s leading dual-drummer band), with singer Ny Oh’s soulful vocals caressing the track’s many layers, ‘Hot Wine’ is the experimental funk-pop cornerstone of the band’s own flagship genre.

Neon Gru’s debut EP ‘I Am a Bird’ is released this winter. Keep up to date with them on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Spotify. Eavesdroppi

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