NEW MUSIC: Nadia Phillips – On Reflection

From Castlemaine, Australia, singer-songwriter Nadia Phillips releases her debut single ‘On Reflection’ – a brooding, though resolved, alternative indie track.

Bedroom pop meets grunge – now that’s a genre crossover I’ve never written about before! Nadia Phillips’ ‘On Reflection’ is the quintessential bedroom grunge track, despite the fact that I’ve just made that term up. Give it a listen, and I hope you’ll see I’m not talking rubbish.

This track carries that distinctive, charming DIY production that was pioneered by artists like early Clairo and Rex Orange County, though Nadia’s tone is considerably more jaded than your typical bedroom pop pleasantness. Her guitar plays a deep, brooding riff, and her steady vocals are tinged with melancholy – though while her lyrics tackle with harsh personal realities, not all is lost; ‘I can be your arm to lean on’ repeats in the chorus, instilling the track with a gentle resolve.

What especially sets Nadia Phillips’ ‘On Reflection’ apart from the other more solemn bedroom pop artists like Girl in Red is the track’s punchy drums (Ben Todd). Slow, but purposeful, the beat drives forward but gives enough room for Nadia to cultivate such a tangible mood. Moreover, it’s the drums in combination with Nadia’s guitar and vocals that give the track its grunge vibe. While certainly not as crunchy and furious as grunge, the composition retains an impactful beat and bittersweet tone, bridging that gap between grunge and bedroom pop.

‘On Reflection’ is a vivid track that satiates any craving for something bittersweet, and showcases Nadia Phillips’ potential as an up-and-coming ‘bedroom grunge’ (yes, I’m sticking with it) artist. Find her on Instagram, Facebook and Spotify, as well as her extensive back catalogue of well-received demos on her Soundcloud.

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  1. Thank you Max for this great review, I really appreciate it. I like bedroom grunge too!

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