NEW MUSIC: Gramofone – My Self

Romanian alternative-indie soul band Gramofone have returned with their latest track ‘My Self’ – and it’s time to let them funk up your day.

This Bucharest-based four-piece outfit isn’t getting nearly enough recognition for the amount of funk they’re producing. I recommend you experience this track via its 360° music video here, to really feel their infectious grooves – but I’ll get back to that later.

My Self’ is a captivating track written to be stylistically cyclical, right down to the punchy flam on the snare drum that both opens and closes the song. With the concept of the Jungian Self in mind – the philosophical notion that the whole human psyche can be represented as and within a circle – Gramofone convey with both music and lyrics the “search for true personality, and redefining one’s true Self.”

Well, ‘My Self’s delicious basslines and vivid keys have certainly taken me one step closer to achieving that self-realisation! These four guys are masterful in crafting their alternative soul-funk sound – impeccably tight in their playing, but still flexible for the groove. Vlad Dumitrescu is suave with his smooth vocals; Cristian Nicoară’s syncopated drum beats are crisp, working the snare like a knitting needle; Radu Camburu’s basslines are the track’s velvety backbone; and as for keyboardist and backing vocalist Paul Drăgușin, have a watch of that aforementioned music video to meet his infectious energy and soul. 

Directing all of their efforts to writing and recording new material since lockdown began, Gramofone will soon be releasing a new single, and a new album coming next year. If you’d like to keep up to date with the band, you can find them on Instagram, Facebook and Spotify.

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