NEW MUSIC: Donnie Wilde – Ammo

The debut release from Welsh singer-songwriter Donnie Wilde, ‘Ammo’ is a vulnerable, tender track in support of Black Lives Matter.

A brand new face on the scene, Donnie Wilde is already showing potential as a voice of protest and reason. ‘Ammo’ is a poignant commentary on the police brutality of black people worldwide, though particularly inspired by the killing of Sean Bell in 2006 – as well as, of course, the atrocities and following explosion of protest in the summer of this year.

Where one might expect the traditional protest song to be boisterous and unabating, Donnie subverts this. ‘Ammo’ is subdued, and more stylistically vulnerable – portraying the emotional strain and trauma of those whose lives have been affected by police brutality. A particularly poignant moment is created by the chorus line ‘they ain’t even finished, they reload,’ which is sung over long key chords and a distant soaring guitar tone, highlighting the exacerbation and dismay felt by the black community upon yet another barefaced injustice.

Singing close to the microphone and purposefully unobtrusive, Donnie channels this feeling of selfless introspection and galvanised mourning excellently. This close vocal style and thickly layered harmonies are reminiscent of his influences Billie Eilish and Radiohead, being satisfying to drink in. Donnie also demonstrates himself as a talented producer, having written, recorded, mixed and mastered ‘Ammo’ by himself, featuring those aforementioned keys and distant guitar, as well as sparse, but dynamic, percussion. The final product is a professional-sounding mix, which still maintains its vivid, meaningful mood.

Donnie will be donating all proceeds generated from ‘Ammo’ to Stop Hate UK. Additionally, he will be releasing a remix of the track featuring rappers Skandolus and Yaitus next week. Find Donnie Wild on Instagram and Spotify.



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