NEW MUSIC: Rujen – Tarot

Atlanta-based indie and psych rock five-piece Rujen return with their latest single ‘Tarot’ – a vibrant, textured, danceable track infused with a taste of jazz-funk.

It’s always a good day when you find a band that clearly puts every amount of effort they have into their tracks, fuelled with a confidence and ability that showcases their experience – so have a good day by listening to Rujen!

‘Tarot’ is the band’s first release since their 2019 debut EP ‘Elsewhere’, which itself was backed up by two years of gigging around their hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. This track is an absolute masterclass in fusing neo-psychedelic rock and indie – its structure is shifting and intriguing, but not at all lacking in direction or purpose; the guitars are clean and reverbed, warming the verses and soaring in the breaks; and the lyrics are bathed in nostalgic themes. All of these factors contribute to ‘Tarot’s pervading sense of comfort and relief, without being predictable.

I’m self-aware that the reason I keep talking about ‘Tarot’s ‘shifting’ and ‘unpredictable’ nature is probably because I got caught off-guard by its delicious jazz-funk-style break. Occurring just over half-way through, the guitars ring out, the bass gently thrums, and the vocals step aside to be replaced by a subtly syncopated drum beat and an irresistibly funky bassline. Understated chords on the keys accent the beat, while two guitars noodle in each ear. I know it’s the cliché of all clichés to say you can’t resist nodding your head, so I’ll just leave that there.

Masterfully constructed, recorded and produced, each layer with its own dynamic to form the warming, vivid whole, ‘Tarot’ is another showcase of Rujen’s talent and experience. Find them on Instagram, Facebook and Spotify.

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