NEW MUSIC: Champagne Girl – Liquidation Sale

The lead single off their brand new EP, ‘Liquidation Sale’ is Champagne Girl’s post-punk-indie flagship; a ruthless, rowdy and invigorating commentary on how everything – even you – is for sale.

‘The shareholders have spoken / And it’s in our best interests to leave town’ – vocalist Adam’s incensed growl of these lines breaks the composure of the track; maybe this isn’t the acoustic folk-style protest song you were expecting. Indeed, ‘Liquidation Sale’ starts quite sweetly with the strumming of an acoustic guitar and somewhat ominous, but clean, friendly-sounding vocals. It’s not long though before a thrumming bass guitar (JM) and thumping drum beat (Randon) raise your eyebrow, for the track is now unquestionably and candidly grungy.

Just as you become aware that ‘Liquidation Sale’ is building to some kind of mighty conclusion, Adam bellows his vocal refrain ‘It’s a liquidation sale!’ like a smack in the face – the GOOD kind. Where many post-punk and indie bands somewhat lack the thick, punchy voices needed to really express rage, Champagne Girl blow them out of the water. The final verses are guttural, burly and bulky; I wouldn’t be surprised if this trio were trained in metal vocals. The fury at “gross capitalism in America, how everything is for sale, including you,” is visceral and galvanising. The guitar is crunchy, the bass is huge, and the drumming is aggressive, but still tight and driving.

As the track’s four minutes come to a close, you’ve been taken on quite the journey from its calm, bummed-out beginnings to its merciless, smack-in-the-face end. Champagne Girl’s new EP ‘Burial Trends’ is out now. To keep up with the trio, find them on Instagram, Facebook and Spotify,

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