NEW MUSIC: Murad – Laser Love

The debut release from Armenian-American singer-songwriter Murad, ‘Laser Love’ is a visceral, entrancing indie-pop/hip-hop/soul fusion.

Having graduated with a degree in Audio Engineering Design and Production, Murad already has years of know-how under her belt – she’s taken the time in contemplation of her sound, and such preparedness is exhibited on this first release ‘Laser Love’. The track is mature, rightly self-assured, and expertly crafted. Working with producer King Luck, Murad’s confidently cool vocals ride over seamless production, the result being a track which wouldn’t feel out of place in a movie (likely given that King Luck is also a film composer). The image of a far-out camera pan over car with a trunk full of cash driving off into the sunset particularly comes to mind. That’s the level of self-assuredness that ‘Laser Love’ oozes.

Beyond its production and composition, Murad’s lyrics present an intriguing contrast – where sonically the track is confident, the subject matter is more vulnerable, and likely familiar for other new artists and bands in Murad’s position. It is an anecdote for fighting to find the balance between working life, and the commitment to becoming a recording artist. A “cry for escapism,” and evermore relevant in the modern climate in many Western countries where the arts are increasingly underfunded and sidelined – even to the point where artists are being told to ‘retrain’ – Murad articulates this struggle well (‘if you need me somewhere / I don’t even know where I’m going’).

Nevertheless, Murad still exudes confidence in her trajectory in ‘Laser Love’ – with its driving trap beat, her cool delivery, and its cavernous, seamless, near-psychedelic production, this track isn’t afraid to show off Murad’s potential.

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