NEW MUSIC: MILA – Queen of the Hive

MILA has returned with his brand-new bouncing track ‘Queen of the Hive’ – a playful indie/hip-hop banger that’ll be energising crowds in 2021.

On the 28th August 2016, you could find me in the crowd at the Radio 1 Stage at Reading Festival, ricocheting between various people. Everyone belted lyrics in an Essex accent, the tent filled with dust from the ruckus of jumping feet, to the point where it became hard to breathe without coughing – man, that was one of the best live sets I’ve ever seen. MILA – or as he was known then, Liam Haygarth, the bassist for RAT BOY – swiveled around on stage, giving energy back to the crowd alongside his bandmates.

While he still remains a part of RAT BOY, MILA has embarked on his solo project. A characteristic blend of indie, hip-hop and bedroom pop, he’s already produced a remarkable collection of compelling tracks in the last two years, all of which are absolutely worth a listen. ‘Queen of the Hive’, released today, carries this trend onward with zeal – animated, sonically carefree and lyrically livening, it’s yet another expertly-crafted notch in MILA’s belt.

For RAT BOY fans, ‘Queen of the Hive’ is an excellent gateway into MILA’s discography. This track exudes that distinct festival energy, with a speedy tempo, clean-tone indie guitars and a mix of sung and rapped vocals, but some added MILA flair with 808 basslines and a chopped-up drum pattern. His debut headline UK tour is planned for February 2021, so I encourage you to experience this ‘energy’ I keep mentioning for yourself in either Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Southampton, Bristol or London.

If you want to hear more from MILA, find him on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Spotify.

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